A CHILDREN'S nasal spray is proving to be cheap at more than half the price in a Taunton supermarket - so long as you buy two.

Bizarrely, the Becodefence allergy medication will cost you £10 if you buy just one at the Tesco supermarket in the town - but under a special offer you can get two for £6.

That's £4 less than one spray and a saving of £14 if you'd bought the two separately.

One shopper who was looking for something to ease her son's seasonal hay fever suffering was flummoxed by the offer - and sent in this photo.

She said: "I popped in because he was a bit miserable with the usual hay fever symptoms and put one spray in my basket.

"It was then that the offer caught my eye, so I obviously grabbed another one. I didn't really want two, but it saved me £4 - while it lost Tesco a potential £14.

"I was delighted to save myself the money, but it's strange that customers are being encouraged to buy an extra spray they don't really want."

Tesco said the 'market leading' offer was intended to help hayfever and allergy sufferers buy a range of products to help with their treatments.  

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