A MEGABUS driver has been slammed for making a joke about INCEST when he dropped people off in Bristol.

The driver told stunned passengers they can 'buy a banjo, rent a combine harvester ... or even marry [their] cousin' while in the city.

He said over the coach's speakers: ''I'm not saying the people of Bristol are weird, but the last time I was here a bloke introduced me to his wife, his mother, his daughter, his cousin, his auntie and his niece - and they were all the same woman.''

One complaint was received from someone on the London to Cardiff journey.

But others showed their support for him and said he 'should be given a pay rise'.

Carmel Jonas called him 'hilarious' online and said 'give his driver a promotion/pay rise'.

Paula Jones lives in Bristol and finds the jokes a 'giggle'.

Bristol local Grahame Dodd said: 'It's like banter we do the same for places and people from Swindon, Yeovil.' John Costigan said the driver was 'trying to inject a bit of humour into people's days. It was a light hearted gag. That's the end of it.'

Some joined in on the fun and suggested the driver was talking about Bridgwater, Nailsea or north Bristol.

A spokesman for Megabus said the comments are 'totally unacceptable' and the employee will be subject to the company's disciplinary process.