POLICE and their partners stopped cyclists and motorists committing 25 offences in just over three hours in "one small area of Taunton".

A number of drivers and cyclists were reported for offences ranging from using a mobile phone to not wearing seat belts and running a red lilght.

The cycle safety operation saw road safety professionals, officers and volunteers from Taunton Area Cycling on the scene yesterday (Thursday).

Other offenders were offered cycle safety and legal advice.

A spokesperson from TACC said: "Two members of Taunton Area Cycling Campaign were observers only at the police action on Station Road for half an hour at the end of the event. 

"TACC believes that cyclists,like other road users, should abide by the law obeying red lights and being lit at night. We also abhor those who cycle as a matter of course on the pavement as a way of getting around not appearing to understand that the road is for that purpose.

"However, there are some places where the road network is hostile and traffic heavy and some cyclists use the pavement for short stretches for their own safety. These areas need addressing. In our 2016 local survey, cyclists told us Station Road is one of these locations. Station Road near the station also has the highest concentration of injury accidents to pedestrians and cyclists in Taunton."