TAUNTON Deane's MP says she is 'disappointed' with the outcome of the Brexit vote in Parliament last night.

But now it's time to "move on", she says.

Here's her thoughts on what should happen next...

“It was disappointing that the deal did not get through. It was comprehensive and did enable us to respect the outcome of the referendum enabling us to leave the EU in an orderly way giving business a clear signal of when and how.

"However, now it is beholden on us to move on, because individuals and businesses in Taunton Deane and particularly EU citizens who have made their home here and UK citizens living in the EU, deserve clarity about what the House does support.

"I am hopeful that the debate and subsequent vote on Wednesday will demonstrate this Government still enjoys the confidence of the House. If it does, quite rightly the PM will meet with Conservative colleagues, our Confidence and Supply partner the DUP, and senior Parliamentarians from across the House to identify what would be required to secure the backing of the House.

"There are already many discussions on options underway and I am involved in a number of these to understand the best approach. Once genuinely negotiable ideas are agreed on and have sufficient support in the House, the Government will then explore them with the EU.

This is an unprecedented time and a way forward, putting the country first must be found and quickly.”