A PAIR of dog owners have appeared in court after two Staffordshire Bull terriers ate Spice in a Taunton flat.

Talia Forward, 24, of Hilly Park, Norton Fitzwarren, and Luke Scarley, 26, of Park Street, Taunton, have admitted charges relating to neglect under the Animal Welfare Act.

Scarley has admitted failing to ensure pets Lola and Kia were “protected from pain, injury or suffering” after ingesting Spice – a synthetic recreational drug – at a flat in Eastbourne Road on November 18 and 28.

Forward has also admitted two separate charges after failing to provide a hygienic environment for Rex and Roxy, who were also found to have fighting injuries.

The RSPCA said it cannot confirm whether Lola and Kia were given the drugs deliberately and the conditions Rex and Roxy lived in were described as “squalid.”

This is The West Country:

Forward wept in the dock at Taunton Crown Court on Friday, June 15, when Mr Recorder R Onslow adjourned her sentencing until July 25.

Harry Ahuja, defending Forward, said: “This is a case you may have seen and she is currently subject to a number of suspended sentences.

“Miss Forward is somebody who has appeared before the resident judge for the last couple of years and he knows the history inside and out and any difficulties she has in particular.”

Scarley, who appeared at Taunton Magistrates’ Court on the same day, will be sentenced on July 3.

RSPCA inspector Jo Daniel said the impact Spice had on the dogs varied but they became “uncoordinated” as a result.

Insp Daniel, in relation to Forward, said: “We have been working with Miss Forward in a positive manner to give her help and advice but we went there in November last year and the conditions within the flat could only be described as squalid.

“At which point she did sign over the two dogs to me. Both dogs had untreated injuries from fighting each other.

“She failed to provide proper and necessary veterinary care and a suitable environment for them.”