A VEG box collection scheme that gets customers discounted vegetables and raises money for school projects has kicked off in Watchet.

Knights Templar Church School, Little Vikings Nursery and Watchet Children’s Centre have partnered with Plowright Organic Vegetable Farm in Over Stowey to act as a collection point for its veg box deliveries.

The farm is offering all customers who use the collection point a 10% discount on their standard veg boxes.

What’s more, once there are ten or more people ordering to this site the farm will make a regular donation to the school, nursery and children’s centre to pay for food-based projects, such as vegetable growing and cookery demonstrations, so all children in the community can benefit from the scheme.

It will also be inviting children from the school on farm walks to see where the vegetables grow and learn about the different farming practices involved in growing organically.

Plowright Organic is registered to accept Healthy Start vouchers, which it hopes will make organic vegetables accessible to more people.

The collection point is open to anyone, which also means it has the potential to raise considerable funds for the school and children’s centre.

Sally Lowndes, who works at Plowright Organic, said: “We’re thrilled that the school, nursery and children’s centre are acting as a collection point.

“This is our first school project, which we hope will become a big success and raise funds to promote further healthy eating projects.”

Hayley Williams, a family support worker for ‘Get Set’ based at Little Vikings Children’s Centre, said: “I’m delighted this project is running – we’re supporting local agriculture while getting cheap, nutritious vegetables, and we’re raising money for the school and children’s centre.

“Everyone’s a winner!”

A previous privately run collection point for Plowright Organic raised £50 which it donated to Williton Children’s Centre towards a community garden.

The garden is due to be created in the spring so it can be planted up ready for cropping by the summer.