A SWIMMER who got into difficulties during a Sunday morning dip off Minehead couldn’t have chosen a better moment – for there were three lifeboats in the area at the time.

The teenager found himself being carried out to sea by a falling tide yesterday (May 4), and tried to attract the attention of a nearby jet skier, but failed.

But he was spotted by the crew of Minehead’s D-class lifeboat which was on exercise with the station’s Atlantic 85 and the all-weather lifeboat from Barry Dock at the time.

The crew hauled the casualty aboard and landed him on the beach, unharmed but slightly shaken by his experience.

Minehead RNLI spokesman Chris Rundle said: “There was quite a stiff south-easterly breeze blowing at the time so that would have made it even more difficult for him to get back to the beach.

“He was just impressed by the promptness of our service!”