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A recent survey has revealed that holidaymakers will come through the recession more resilient and confident in their spending then they have ever been before. Research company Mintel, has predicted that people will be adopting new lifestyles born from having had to economise and prioritise their money.

Mintel's director of foresight, Richard Cope stated "While in 2009, fear played an important role in shaping consumer behaviour, 2010 will see a return of confidence." He predicted that consumers will adapt and overcome the restrictions set by the recession.

Cope continued that he believed people would learn from the recession and stated "Balance has become the new mantra" explaining that as people began spending again they would balance their outgoings against their incomings.

It is predicted that holidaymakers will still be wary when booking holidays in 2010 and will be looking for the best bargains. Many will shop online to compare flights and accommodation, making certain they get the best deal for their money.

However our new found resilience will also make consumers more aware of getting value for their hard earned cash and some will be prepared to spend more if they know they will be getting value. Brand names which offer credibility and value are likely to tempt customers into spending more on competitive destinations such as Canary Island holidays.

So whether we are slowly emerging from the recession or whether we as a country are just becoming more resilient in altering our lifestyles to adapt remains to be seen. But one thing seems clear, people who had to go without holidays this year will be more determined to make sure they get away in 2010.

Spain, Balearic and Canary Islands holidays may struggle to provide the value that savvy holidaymakers will be demanding due to the weak Euro against the pound, but destinations such as Croatia, Turkey, Egypt and Cape Verde could be set to benefit from our new found financial freedom.