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Ibiza is the number one clubbing destination on the planet, yet many people are put off going there after hearing the many horror stories of how expensive it can be once you're out there. There are frequent stories of it costing clubbers around &pound1000 per week in spending money to enjoy a normal holiday. This article hopes to help the first time traveller save their money without compromising on the overall enjoyment of their pilgrimage to the 'White Isle'.

Please take time to read the following list of key points if you WANT to go to Ibiza, yet WANT to try and save money: -

  • 1. Travel off peak - why not travel in June or September? It's much easier to get cheap holidays in Ibiza around this time of year, you still get the best of the weather, it's nicely busy without being jam-packed, you'll find better bar offers etc and you could see some of the amazing opening/closing parties.

  • 2. Work out the best way of getting there - either book an early low cost flight offer or wait for a last minute package bargain, but don't get caught out paying premium prices three to six months before your intended departure date.

  • 3. Can you upgrade your board basis cheaply? If you can upgrade from bed and breakfast to all inclusive for &pound100, then in the long run it's obviously going to work out better for you to pay a little bit more up front to save the big bucks overall.

  • 4. Buy supermarket alcohol - With pre-club bar drinks usually costing around 6 Euro a drink and drinks inside the clubs costing anything up to 25 Euro (even a small bottle of water is about 8 Euro inside a club!), you can easily see how your money evaporates so quickly, so why not stock up at the supermarket, enjoy drinks before you go out and then concentrate on dancing the night away without the expense! Of course, if you are staying all inclusive, then your hotel bar drinks are already complimentary...

  • 5. Many of the club's entry fees are fixed at around 45 Euro pp, which is expensive enough without paying for taxis on top, so look out for the offers clubs have on - some clubs offer free bus services from San Antonio to get there, whilst others will refund you your taxi fare so long as you have a receipt for it off the driver along with having usually a minimum number of at least three people in the taxi. They don't pay for your return trip though so if you can share the cost with others, try to do that also.

  • 6. One last tip on how to save money and enjoy cheap holidays in Ibiza is to avoid buying or taking any expensive clothing/jewellery/shoes etc with you. Firstly, if you lose or damage an item like these (which could easily happen out there), then you'll have to spend money on replacing or repairing them. Secondly, the dress code out there is really relaxed - the clubs are full with people dressed in beachwear (mainly because the clubs are so hot), so you are best off buying and taking lots of cheap clothes with you that you wouldn't mind throwing away at the end of your holiday. If you damage or lose any of these clothes then you won't be bothered and it also saves you money on buying an expensive set of holiday clothes beforehand.