UNIVERSITY Centre Weston’s Young companies are out on the road with two exceptional pieces of theatre.

There is the Fractured Theatre with ‘A Well Away’ and 5 in a Hat presenting ‘The Only Way is Olympus’.

You can see both these productions at the Bridgwater Arts Centre on May 6.‘A Well A Way’ is about a civilisation growing underneath our feet; with their own struggles of belief, love and curiosity.

But what happens when that belief is shaken? When that love is challenged? When that curiosity leads them to bite of more than their incisors can chew?

Well...... find out in ‘A Well A Way’ The Greek Gods are coming with passionate fury and crazy squab- bles.

These legendary fig- ures of wrath, knowledge and just plain boozing are at it again, fighting back and forth.

Zeus has had enough.

He is punishing them all by having them walk a mile in the other’s sandals and now each god will have to learn the hard and hilarious way how it is to be the other.

The first play starts at 7.30pm and the final play finishes at 10pm.

Tickets cost £8 for adult and £5 for students.

They can be bought online at or call the box office on 01278 422700.