A QUARTER of a decade after Definitely Maybe was recorded down the road at Sawmills, Liam Gallagher was back in Cornwall to remind us that he's still a rock 'n' roll star.

As if we needed reminding.

If the thought of 25 years having passed since Oasis burst onto the scene with that ballsy and swaggering debut album, be thankful that this Gallagher brother is keeping the music alive.

The naysayers might malign this as a borderline Oasis tribute act.

But, forgive me, there's absolutely nothing wrong with still being able to hear these era-defining songs sung live by the man who gave them their edge in the first place.

This is The West Country:

The set isn't all nostalgia, though, with Gallagher's recent well-received solo work intermingled nicely with the crowd-pleasing Britpop classics.

Hitting us straight with Rock 'n' Roll Star first (what else?), Gallagher followed up with the epic Morning Glory (probably that album's standout track for me) to really announce his arrival at the Biomes.

The set soon came up to date, with solo hit Wall of Glass and new single Shockwave sounding just as powerful – despite Gallagher apparently experiencing sound issues throughout the show – as the old stuff that kicked off the show.

He reminded us of his softer side with tracks such as For What It's Worth, too.

This is The West Country:

But, all told, it was those big tunes from 20-odd years ago that were the best-received in what was a polished performance from an experienced rock front man.

We got Slide Away, Roll With It, Wonderwall, Supersonic, Champagne Supernova, Cigarettes and Alcohol and more.

Sure, the set was Oasis-heavy, but Gallagher makes no apology for that and neither do I for loving every second of it.