WATCHET Ladies took three triples to Bridgwater Town and despite losing on two, they won on the third by enough shots to win overall by three shots.

Watchet Ladies 52, Bridgwater Town Ladies 49. Scores: M Binding, J Smith and J Hemmings lost 11 to 19; C Hall, P Christopher, J Hooper lost 10 to 27; V Hornblow, C Woodford, H McDermaid won 31 to 3.

A couple of days later, Watchet took five rinks to the same venue for a friendly – and this time the result was an overwhelming win for Bridgwater on all five rinks and by 44 shots.

Result:Watchet 63 Bridgwater 107. Scores: R Anthony, P Christopher, John Hooper, C Bruford lost 10 to 22; S Bryant, M Radford, D Lynam, H McDermaid lost 17 to 19; D Talling, G Horobin, C Woodford, P Perkins lost 13 to 26; G Perkins, M McDermaid, M Arnold, Josie Hooper lost 12 to 21; A Mckay, G Stamp, J Hemmings, R Somerfield lost 11 to 19.

Watchet were at Burnham for their West Somerset League match last Thursday, when on a tricky green they lost on two of the three triples.

One triple lost quite heavily, dropping a maximum of nine on one end.

Result: Watchet 38 Burnham 78 Scores: D Talling, N Chidgey, I Trunks won 17 to 12; A McKay, L Allen, M Webber lost 13 to 22; R Anthony, D Lynam, R Somerfield, lost 8 to 44.

Watchet B were against Victoria Park Bridgwater in the County League on Saturday winning on all three rinks and by 33 shots.

Result: Watchet B 82 (12 points) Victoria Park 49 (0 points). Scores:A McKay, P Edwards, S Slade, R Somerfield won 26 to 18; J Hooper, R Anthony, D Lynam, M Arnold won 34 to 13; N Chidgey, D Steel, J Hall, C Bruford won 22 to 18.

After a fairly good run, Watchet B were knocked out of the National Double Rink by a very good Taunton (Vivary) side.

Result: Watchet (B) 27 Taunton (A) 50. Scores: D Steel, R Anthony, G Vaulter, D Lynam lost 13 to 25; J Hooper, A Knight, N Chidgey, R Somerfield lost 14 to 25.

WILLITON travelled to Wellington for a West Somerset League match, winning on two of the three rinks 63-52.

Scores: S Huggett, D Gwyer and A Sully won 25-13. S Perkins, C Thorne and C Harrod won 23-18. A Cane, T Beardon and R Amery lost 15-21.

Williton Ladies entertained Watchet Ladies to a friendly, winning on both rinks 49-28.

Scores: B Gliddon, V Buller and S Every beat C Hall, R McFlay and J Groves 27-12. L Lapham, J Thorne and A Wickens beat K Wilkinson, L Talling and C Woodford 22-16.

On Saturday Williton travelled to Taunton Deane for a County League match, winning all three rinks 77-36 and taking all 12 points.

Scores: M Grogan, D Gwyer, D Donald and A Sully won 28-8. S Perkins, C Thorne, C Penner and C Harrod won 24-12. S Huggett, T Beardon, R Mitchell and Derek Sully won 25-16.