WHIRLWINDS returned from the first British regional championships for trampoline and double mini-trampoline – held at Westpoint Arena in Exeter – with two champions.

After a tremendous day of competition Jacob Turner and Rhiannon Briffa won gold medals.

Ella Hooper-Bleeks achieved third place in her category and went home with a bronze medal.

The finalists from each region were selected by submitting their aggregate score over three competitions during the season.

Those who had the highest scores from across all the region’s clubs were put forward to the South-West team. Whirlwinds were proud to be able to put through seven finalists who represented the region – Jacob Turner, Alaina Cockerell, Rhiannon Briffa, Jasmine Uminski, Ella Hooper-Bleeks, Emily Stewart and Annabel Scanlan.

Head coach Jason Richardson said: “All the Whirlwinds team performed amazingly well and just getting to the finals is a massive achievement. I am very proud of all of them”

At the end of the day all scores were added up and in an exciting finale, results for the leading region were announced.

Shortlisted were Scotland, West Midlands, the South, the North-West and the South-West.

The atmosphere was electric as South-West was announced as the winning region in both disciplines.

Representatives of team South-West collected two trophies on behalf of the region and the team celebrated their victory in the first competition of its kind.

Whirlwinds were supported by a grant of £516 from Wellington Town Council.