Fish caught 305 Rod Average 3.5

Hawkridge is still fishing well with most anglers catching on dry or intermediate lines. Fish are being taken on various patterns depending on the conditions. Suspended Buzzer patterns are working well on bright days, especially in the afternoon or evening. When the sky is overcast fish are found nearer the surface taking Damsels and Black or Brown Nymphs.

Martin Mannell landed the best fish of the week, a very nice 9lb rainbow.

Gary Howe, Ranger


Fish caught 429

Rod Average 2.9

This was another great week at Clatworthy with 145 anglers taking 429 fish at a rod average of 2.9. The best bag limit went to Mr B Lovelace weighing 17lb 12oz and Mr D Francis had a five fish limit weighing 16lb. The best fish of the week was a 5lb rainbow caught by Mr Sollors. The best brown of the week was a 4lb 2oz landed by Mr A Norris.

Fish were taken all over the lake by boat and bank. Most fish were taken on wet patterns using intermediate lines but when the conditions were right, floating lines with buzzer patterns worked really well.

With the weather set to stay similar, the fishing will remain the same with the bank up into Rowes End fishing very well, and the boats drifting in the bays.

Dave Pursey, Ranger


Fish caught 418 Rod Average 2.5

The forever changing wind direction is not helping the way the reservoir has been fishing. Anglers are finding it hard to locate the fish from the banks but the boat anglers have no problem in taking their bag limits.

After the recent rain and the run off from the banks it has put the fish out from the margins so until everything settles the fishing is going to remain a little difficult. There were 164 returns this week for 418 fish taken giving a rod average of 2.5 which was not bad considering the conditions.

Mr A Pepper took the largest rainbow weighing 5lb 1oz and the best bag of five fish was taken by Mr T Targett weighing 13lb 7oz. Floating lines fished with more weighted patterns worked best this week as the fish were down at about 8 to 10 feet.

West Pond - 16 returns from the West Pond produced 44 fish giving a rod average of 2.8, slightly better fishing than the main reservoir as the weather conditions don't affect it as much. Mr G Winters landed the biggest rainbow weighing 12lb 6oz, Mr B Hoskins and Mr T Baker also had fish of 9lb plus in their limit bags. The best bag of four fish went to Mr A Flint weighing 24lb 12oz. Again the fish were down in the water and weighted patterns worked better.

Ivan Tinsley, Senior Ranger