Saturn 23, Knights 55

SATURN were unfortunately 16-5 down after the first quarter.

Player of the match Sally Haysham (GK) put pressure on the Knights’ shooters, tipping away balls in the circle.

There was excellent link play from the centre court trio of Imogen Setter, Michelle Stone and Hazel Hucker, but they could not close the gap.

The final quarter was Saturn’s best with Katy Cheese (GS) converting her shots, but the end score was 55-23 to Knights.

Venus 19, Sapphires 44

THOUGH a windy day, Venus tried their hardest against promotion contenders Sapphires.

Despite the weather, Venus were only five down, 13-8, as they attacked and defended well throughout the first quarter.

Centre court players Lily Rowland, Alisha Gardner and Sarah Perry attacked well and adapted to the wind, taking their time and playing sensibly to Sophie Cornish in the shooting circle.

The defence of Coleen Bartlett and Morgan Middleton kept the pressure on in the circle.

In the second quarter, Sapphires forged ahead, 27-10, but Venus kept fighting.

The third quarter saw Sapphires increase their lead to 37-14 and changes were made in the final period with Saskia Middleton coming on at goal defence, which helped with height in the circle.

Unfortunately, Venus lost 44-19. Morgan Middleton was voted player of the match.

Mercury 7, Bishops 37

THIS was a tough match for the young Bridgwater team against an experienced side.

Windy conditions meant shooters Darcie Dunn, Lucy Kyte and Cerys Ethridge struggled to put the goals away.

Chloe Trout (C) and Lauren Cook did a good job pressurising around the centre court, but struggled with passing in the wind.

Defenders Lucy Brown and Victoria Saban did their best against strong shooters.

Norah Lewis, captain, came on for the last quarter, but Mercury lost 7-37.

Player of the match was Chloe Trout

Gems 57, Harlequins 20

GEMS remain top of the table after another strong performance against Harlequins.

Gems went out strong and had the upper hand from the first whistle.

Great court play from Amy Witcombe and player of the match Danielle Keirle fed the ball perfectly to shooters Hannah Clapp and Justine Pearn.

Throughout the game, Gems turned over many of Harlequins’ centre passes, enabling them to gain a comfortable lead.

Great defending resulted in Harlequins only getting three goals in the last quarter as Gems ran out comfortable winners.

Sapphires 44, Venus 19

SAPPHIRES started strongly in the first quarter with Carly Martin and Katie Ball putting pressure on to stop vital balls getting into the opponents’ shooting circle.

This enabled Sapphires to take the lead at the end of the first quarter, 13-8.

During the second quarter, Nic Hale and Paige Pople worked well in the circle, moving to create space.

Sapphires stayed in the lead, finishing 27-10 at half-time.

In the third quarter, Beth Fella and Susan Bushnell made a lot of interceptions by putting pressure on the opposition attack, allowing Sapphires to use the turnovers to their advantage and extend their lead to 37-14.

During the final quarter, Kelly Thorne and Katie Ball worked well together in the centre court, bringing the ball down and accurately feeding it into the circle.

This teamwork enabled Sapphires to extend their lead and seal the win.

Ambers 22, Tor 18

AMBERS won a low-scoring affair against Tor on Saturday.

The first quarter ended 8-8, but Ambers continued to press with strong passing and quick links in the centre court.

They finished it off with accurate shooting from Michelle Parr and Katie Rowles, despite the windy conditions, and the score at the end of the second quarter was 13-12 to Ambers.

In the third quarter, Ambers were still fighting for victory, and with good interceptions from Tilly and Hannah Wallis in the centre court the score was 20-18.

Tor put up a good fight in the final quarter, but Ambers were focused and made sure the pressure was still on.

Rubies 52, Walton Black 44

RUBIES went head to head with Walton Black at the weekend and started well with steady passing down the court, the sides finishing the third quarter 35 all.

In the final quarter Rubies started to pull back with great shooting from Lynne Cornish and Steph Riordan, while Laura Coombes and Rheanne Lee had many interceptions in the defensive end, allowing Rubies to bring the ball back down the court.

The game finished 52-44 to Rubies and Rheanne Lee was voted player of the match.

Emeralds 26, Minstrels 41

EMERALDS went down 41-26 to Minstrels on Saturday despite a battling display.

Accurate shooting from Adele Ranford and Steph Riordan meant Emeralds stayed in the game up to half-time.

Amy Edmundson, Kerry Clark and Clare Tottle worked well to feed the ball into the shooters, while great defensive work from Rheanne Lee and Megan Buller kept the opposition fighting hard.

Sadly for Emeralds, Minstrels fought throughout, pulling steadily away during the second half and finishing 41-26 winners.