HAWKRIDGE Fish caught 202 Rod Average 2.6 Hawkridge continues to fish well with several large fish being caught. Simon Lumber had the largest fish of the week weighing 8lb 2oz (rainbow). Mr W Mercer had a 7lb 2oz rainbow. Mr M McColl had a 6lb 9oz rainbow in a five fish limit totalling 14lb. The largest golden trout was caught by Mr P Dove weighing 4lb 2oz.

CLATWORTHY Fish caught 363 Rod Average 3.1 A good weeks fishing was had at Clatworthy this week, there were 114 returns with 363 fish being landed at a rod average of 3.1.

The best bags of the week were caught by Mr K Hutchings with five fish weighing 16lb 4oz and Mr A Murphy's five fish weighed 15lb 8oz. The best season ticket bags were caught my Mr W Robinson and Mr D Prescott weighing 11lb and 11lb 12oz.

Fish continue to be caught all over the lake from boat and bank. Tactics have been a mixture of mainly intermediate and sinking lines with traditional wets and lures being the favourite, but when the weather allows, floating lines with buzzer patterns works well. With the weather set to warm up this week there should be some more surface activity.


Fish caught 655 Rod Average 3.4 It was a slow start at the beginning of the week due to the heavy rain and strong westerly winds on Sunday night and all day Monday. The water level rose by 14”and the cold fresh water put the fish down and off the feed, but by Wednesday things picked up and the rods started to bend once again. All banks fished well and fish were being caught all over. There were a few signs of Hawthorne fly and anglers were taking fish on Black Buzzers in the top two feet. A total of 191 rods fished this week catching 655 fish bringing the rod average forwards to 3.4. Mr L Hill landed the best rainbow of 9lb 8oz in a bag limit of 20lb 12oz.

West Pond - Again a slow start to the week but the 15 rods that fished this week all went home with beaming smiles on their faces. Five double figure fish were landed and the best one went to Mr M Weaver, a rainbow weighing 11lb 14oz. The best bag went to Mr S Davies weighing 28lb 2oz. Due to the wind direction most of the fish were caught from the North bank, using floating lines with a Fritz Damsel on the point and Dark Crunchers on the droppers. The rod average increased to 3.2. With a promising week ahead, weather wise, the fishing can only get better.