Venus 25, Walton Black 49

AT the beginning of the game Venus struggled to find their momentum and allowed Walton Blacks to start the game strongly, finishing the first quarter down two goals to 16.

Some solid work in defence allowed Venus to restrict Walton who continued to shoot accurately and with some good possession by Venus enabled them to get their game started, finishing the second quarter down nine goals to 28.

The second half continued to be a difficult fight for Venus although player of the match Lucy Brown (GK) consistently pressured the Walton attackers.

The final quarter was the strongest for Venus, equalling Walton’s score in that quarter, leaving the final score at 25-49.

Mercury 30, Reckleford 25

MERCURY took on Reckleford this Saturday and gained their second win of the season.

The first quarter was played with lots of hassle, pressure, and good shooting from GS Norah Lewis but unfortunately ended with Mercury trailing five goals to nine.

Chloe Trout at centre kept delivering the ball between each end, and the defensive team of Victoria Saban at GD (player of the match) and Hana Middleton at GK worked extra hard in the second quarter to bring it to a lead of 15-14 at half-time.

In the third quarter shooters Cerys Ethridge and Morganne Dunn brought plenty of goals back and it was level with a score of 21-21 at the end of the third quarter.

Mercury continued the momentum from the previous quarter into the last, and WA Aerin Phillips and WD Lucy Kyte worked well with the defence to bring the ball back down the court towards the attacking third, allowing a final score, and well deserved win of 30-25.

Player of the match Victoria Saban.