ALTHOUGH the Quantock Vale Skittles League has yet to be decided, the competitions continue with the Singles Cup and the Les Burge W Cup.

The singles semi-final at the Globe Inn saw fierce competition between the last seven players and the scores reflected their determination to get into the last four, with three players in the 90s and Simon Barrett top with 113.

In the final, by the halfway stage, only four pins covered the four skittlers and, at the start of the second half, Shelley Fouracre scored two 13 spares to put her ahead and a 14 spare on the penultimate hand ensured victory for Shelley by seven.

Simon Barrett squeezed into second place, beating Neil Escott by a single pin.

The final of the W Cup at the Greyhound was a close-fought game with R and U’s taking and early lead but two hands in the 20s gave Triards the opportunity to close the gap which they duly did to lead by nine at the halfway point.

R and U’s matched Triards for much of the second half but were unable to stop them creeping ahead and finally lost by 13.

Results: W Cup – R and U’s 310 (M. Hurley/D. Chidgey 58), Triards 323 (A. Ingram 62).

Singles Cup – S. Fouracre 95, N. Escott 87, S. Barrett 88, D.

Glover 85.

P Hw Aw D L Ps Globetrotters 18 5706 31 Stockland Club 18 8505 31 R and U's 18 8415 29 Triards 18 8406 28 Outcasts 18 5508 25 Apple Crunchers 18 6408 24 Dot's Gang 18 440 10 20 Alley Boys 18 340 11 18 Dambusters 18 320 13 12 Greydogs 18 001 17 1 Highest Men’s away score – M.Hurley 116; Women’s – T.

Scrimgeour 100.