Queensway 43, Emeralds 25

QUEENSWAY got off to a quick start and built up an early lead, Emeralds 'keeper Megan Buller and GD Rheanne Lee - fought back hard but the first quarter finished with Queensway leading 13-2.

Emeralds came back strong in the second quarter with some impressive interceptions from Amy Edmundson, however Queensway remained consistent and the quarter ended with Queensway leading 26-11.

The third quarter was Emeralds' best as the goals scored by both sides were even due to good support coming up the court from Kerry Clark and Michelle Martin. The quarter finished with Queensway leading 34-19.

The final quarter saw Emeralds finish strong, with good work in the attacking third from Steph Riordan and Michelle Parr, however Queensway held on well to the end with a final score of 43-25.

Garnets 10, Spears 66

A YOUNG Garnets' side fell to a heavy defeat at the hands of Spears at the weekend.

Garnets fought well throughout the game, with Tilly Milburn, Jess Bull and Georgia Wilton linking well.

Some changes had to be made due to an injury, but this made little difference to the team spirit of Garnets.

Player of the match went to Georgia Wilton.