Jupiter 60, Imperial Royals 55

JUPITER won their penultimate league game of the season by a the narrowest of margins, with a five-point triumph at Imperial.

The game was going goal for goal, but player of the match Becky Palmer's (GA) accurate shooting allowed Jupiter to inch ahead going into the second quarter 16-14.

The tight play continued throughout the second quarter and meant that every turnover ball counted and could not be wasted.

Jupiter maintained their strong play throughout, but due to forced errors by the Imperial players, went into the third quarter one goal down.

A change to Jupiter's seven saw Sammy Kemmish come on in defence - and the 'fresh legs' approach seemed to benefit Jupiter and effective communication from Kemmish allowed goal keeper, Lisa Durant, to make well-timed and valuable interceptions.

This combined with Bayley Charles' precise and skilful passing allowed Jupiter to take a five goal lead going into the final quarter.

Possession was the key and Jupiter knew that in order to keep their lead they had to work hard to try and score off of every centre pass, and to capitalise on every turnover ball.

A few wayward passes from Jupiter allowed Imperials to close the gap, however, vital tips and dynamic play allowed Jupiter to move the ball with ease down the court - their linked play as well as consistent shooting allowed Jupiter to hold on to their five goal lead, winning the match 60-55.

Saturn 42, Tomahawks 28

SATURN started slowly against a different Tomahawks side, but took the lead in the first quarter 8-7.

Saturn knew they had to pick up the pace in the second quarter to pull ahead of the Paulton team.

Fantastic, steady play in the centre third by Sammy Kemmish (GA) enabled Saturn to regroup in the attacking third and position themselves perfectly, ready for the final shot.

This proved effective as Saturn increased their lead to 14-7.

Changes were made to Saturn's centre court, with Emma Downes taking the court at WD and gave the team fresh, energetic legs.

This gave the game the extra boost it needed to keep Tomahawks from getting within five goals.

Great positional play and rebounding shots by Katy Cheese (GS) and player of the match, Sammy Kemmish (GA), enabled Saturn to extend their lead to 42-28, and gained them five much needed points.

Mars 19 Bishops 42

DESPITE a slow start to their game against Bishops, Mars stayed goal for goal, with great vision into the circle by Lily Rowland (C) and accurate shooting from Kayl Haste (GA).

Mars then started to lose momentum and trailed the first quarter 5-15 - but in the second quarter, both Mars and Bishops lost focus and this reflected in the score as it ended 8-20 at half time.

Despite some good interceptions by GD Saskia Middleton, Bishops increased their lead to 32-14.

In the last quarter, more changes saw joint player of the match Alisha Gardener move from WD to C, which helped Mars turnover several balls, although they were unable to capitalise on them. 

Mercury 24, Vipers 41

MERCURY fell to a 17-point defeat against Vipers, but the performance showed great promise for the future.

The first quarter was played brilliantly with Hana Middleton (GK), Victoria Saban (GD) and Lucy Kyte (WD) working extremely hard in defence and Chloe Trout (C) and Olivia Shorthouse (WA) working together well to bring the ball up the court.

Mercury continued to contest well again in the second and third quarter, with Norah Lewis (GS) and Cerys Ethridge (GA) putting some cracking shots up.

The whole team worked tirelessly throughout the whole game with a consistent team effort.

Players of the match- Hana Middleton, Olivia Shorthouse and Victoria Saban.