Jupiter 42, Trident 55

BRIDGWATER Jupiter were beaten 55-42 by league leaders Trident on at Chilton trinity on Sunday. Jupiter started the game strongly, with every player focusing on the team's tactics and controlling the game - enabling them to lead 13-12 at the end of the first quarter.

Good communication and linking play from defence to attack by Baylea Charles (C) enabled Paige Davey (GS) to capitalise on Jupiter's shooting opportunities.

But unfortunately, Trident started to edge their way ahead, scoring six more goals than Jupiter in the second quarter.

A few team changes for Jupiter flustered Trident and they managed to get back to within two goals of them. However, despite continued effort and inspirational defending from Lisa Durant (GK), Trident soon found their form again and took the lead further ahead.

Jupiter knew this was going to be their toughest game of the season but every player gave their all.

Despite a strong final quarter where Trident only scored twice more than Jupiter, it just wasn't enough and Trident took the win.

Player of the match was Lisa Durant.

Saturn 41, Sharks 40

SATURN battled to a narrow-w one-point victory over Sharks on Saturday. The first quarter saw great team work and fantastic linked play from the Saturn players.

This, along with Michelle Stone's (WD) effective calling and vital tips, allowed Saturn to gain a strong lead - going into the second quarter five goals ahead.

Saturn knew it was important to extend their lead and this saw the intensity increase.

Julie McClean (GK) worked tirelessly, putting pressure on Sharks' attack, forcing valuable errors.

Dynamic movement from the team and strong, accurate passing from wing attack, Hazel Hucker, allowed Saturn to capitalise on these opportunities.

In the final quarter, although sparks of great play were still seen, Sharks were crawling back.

The centre block proved effective, with player of the match, Sammy Kemmish (GA), and Katy Cheese (GS) turning the ball over on a number of occasions, but these opportunities to score were not always taken . This left a nail biting finish, as Saturn managed to pull off a 41-40 win.

Neptune 34, Tone 30

NEPTUNE beat rivals Tone of Taunton by just four points to earn an important win. Neptune started tentatively but soon found their feet and demonstrated some fine netball.

Superb feeds from WA Dawn Fothergill into the attacking circle allowed Katy Cheese to put up some well needed shots.

The slow start meant Neptune trailed 16-18 at half time, but entering the second half, Neptune fought hard with player of the match Emma Downes dominating Tone's attacking circle.

Great turn-overs and cracking interceptions from Downes and Bex Dunn saw Neptune capitalise and take the lead. Neptune displayed a great team performance and their efforts paid off, bringing home another great win, 34-30.

Venus 33, Dolphins 42

DESPITE going down 42-33, Venus played some of their best netball of the season against Dolphins. Excellent communication between Coleen Bartlett (GK), Morgan Middleton (GD) and Hollie Cornish (WD) saw Venus pull ahead by nine goals at the end of the first quarter.

A change in the Dolphins team at quarter time altered the dynamics, allowing Dolphins to begin to fight back against Venus' lead.

The level of play remained strong throughout the game, but Dolphins were able to claw back a win, displaying some impressive shooting.

Despite this, Venus thoroughly enjoyed their game and should be proud of displaying the determination to keep fighting to the end. Player of the match - Jess Webb

Mars 29, Monmouth 64

MARS slipped to a heavy 64-29 defeat against Monmouth at the weekend. After a slow start in the first quarter, trailing 4-16, Mars improved their play - with Morganne Dunn (GA) and Olivia Shorthouse (WA) working well around the circle.

Chloe Trout (WD) and Saskia Middleton (GD) worked tirelessly to get some much needed interceptions.

At the end of the first half Monmouth lead 32-12, but Mars fought hard to get the ball in their attacking end, with Lily Rowland (C) bringing the ball down the court and feeding the ball to Sophie Cornish (GS) - who put up some great shots.

With Monmouth leading 47-21 going into the final quarter, Mars battled to keep possession, but to little avail.