Jupiter 73, Old Chelts 41

JUPITER cruised to an emphatic 32-point victory over Old Chelts on Sunday.

The game against started tentatively, with the scoring being goal for goal for the first quarter.

But Jupiter reassessed at quarter time and after a positive team talk, went into the second quarter ready to put the pressure on the opposition.

Baylea Charles controlled the ball from defence to attack, enabling Amy Shaw to accurately feed the ball into Jupiter’s shooters as they took a 31-26 lead into half-time.

The Bridgwater side were really beginning to find their form now and playing with a lot of confidence.

They began to capitalise on consistent turnovers, mainly through player of the match Lisa Durant - and finished the third quarter with a 52-34 lead. In the fourth quarter, Jupiter pulled away and the lead soon grew thanks to precision and accuracy from shooter Paige Davey.

The lead was extended further as the game drew to a close, with Jupiter holding out for a convincing victory.

Neptune 34, Claremont 31

THIS was a tight game with both sides turning over the ball during the first half.

Some solid passing in windy conditions from Dawn Fothergill and Chris Durant saw the half time scores at 18-16 to Claremont.

Strong defending from Bex Dunn, Emma Downes and Annia Holleron stopped Claremont's shooters extending the lead.

Lianne Fothergill (GS) and Katy Cheese (GA) dominated the shooting circle ensuring a final winning score of 34-31 to Neptune.

Players of the match were Bex Dunn and Emma Downes.

Venus 42, Parkfield 43

VENUS played away to Parkfield with a new team line-up in some challenging weather conditions.

Venus started the quarter very positively with accurate shooting from both Mattie Williams and Sarah Perry as well as strong feeds into the circle from Jess Webb, ensured that Venus finished the first quarter with a lead of 14-7.

In the following half Venus continued to pressurise Parkfield throughout the court and dominate in the defensive circle, with impressive interceptions from Morgan Middleton and Coleen Bartlett.

Going into the last quarter Venus held their lead 35-29.

In the final quarter despite Venus continuing to put pressure on the opposition Parkfield narrowly took the win 43-42 with Venus just missing out.

Player of the match Mattie Williams and Jess Webb.

Mars 33, Vipers 40

MARS took on Vipers in a tough game with the weather very much against them.

Strong attacking play from Kayleigh Haste and Sophie Cornish gave Mars a foothold in the game and Elaine Bartlett and Lily Rowland moved the ball smoothly down court.

Lucy Brown worked well with Saskia Middleton to apply pressure, resulting in tips and interceptions.

But Mars were unable to pinch the win.

Player of the match was Sophie Cornish.