BIRD in Hand A visited the Sportsman this week in Division A of the Bridgwater Town Skittles League to play the A team, and took the opening hand by a single pin after final man on Nick Pimm hit a spare.

Sportsman responded in the following two hands to build a lead of nine, which immediately was challenged by the Bird over the next few hands as the lead swapped again back to the Bird.

Sportsman set a final hand score of 62, giving the Bird a target of 58 to win, which was two pins too many, handing the win back to the Sportsman.

Top of Division B the Crown Inn A played away at the White Hart and took a few hands to settle in, before the familiar building of a lead commenced.

By the fifth hand, White Hart were beginning to reel the leaders back in and, following the only flopper of the game from Kev Tucker, the Crown were only two up.

White Hart set a target of 71 to win which, despite a spare from Paul Cave, wasn’t hi,t giving a home win to the Hart.

In Division C, Blake Arms A played the top team at their home alley and, as expected, lost the opening hand by nine. After their shaky start the Blake pulled 17 on the second hand after Tony Seabourne hit only one of four spares for the whole game.

The following two hands saw Blake beating West India by a pin a hand, to increase their lead to 10. West India responded in the fifth hand halving the visitors lead before again losing a pin.

The final hand was won by the home side but only by two, giving a valuable three points to BlakeA.

The Newmarket Hotel A hosted the Cross Rifles in Division D and spent the whole game chasing the lead, being up to 14 behind at the mid-way point.

Spares from Derek Foley and Nigel Gillard, keeping the visitors in front. The Newmarket saved the best to last and, following spares from Ronnie Robbillard and Tom Arthurs, a target of 63 to win was set.

A 14 spare left last man on Brian Wylde needing a seven to win, but only a six was forthcoming resulting on a draw and a point each.

Results: Division A – Sportsman A 428 (Steve Moran 63), Bird in Hand A 426 (Nick Pimm 68); Squib A 568 (Darren Partridge 95), Cobblestones A 541 (Graham Davey 78); Lime Kiln B 503 (Mark Hill 83), Duke A 462 (Jack Dennison 66); Malt Shovel B 416 (Clive Lilley 57), Malt Shovel A 452 (Andy Britton, Steve Britton 63); Great Western Club B 435 (Mike Davidge 61), Rugby Club B 423 (Andrew Paul 59); Commercial Inn B 495 (Gary Elliot 75), Squib B 449 (Shaun Summerhayes 63); Blake Arms B 481 (Paul Meek 70), The Market C 469 (Graham Irish 76).

Division B – British Flag A 496 (Gavin Harwood 72), Blake Hall A 411 (Steve Irish 59); New Foresters A 505 (Steve Bull 84), Commercial Inn A 434 (Roger Nicholls 60); White Hart B 445 (Dave Perry 76), Crown Inn A 444 (Neil Cobb 62); Bunch of Grapes A 421 (Malcolm Dennison 61), Lime Kiln A 453 (Rick Harris 70); Cross Rifles A 435 (Nigel Brown 61), New Foresters B 432 (Mike Davey 63); The Market D 518 (Kevin Cornell 76), British Flag B 510 (Neil Matthews 76); Mansion House A - bye.

Division C – West India House A 406 (Kevin Cummings 56), Blake Arms A 410 (Tony Seabourne 58); Sydenham Centre A 458 (Uncle Shaun 50), Lions Club A 501 (Jasun Meare 80); Rugby Club A 533 (Jamie Presdee 88), Great Western Club A 465 (Geof Trunks 66); Mansion House B 476 (Richard Druce 73), River Parrett A 489 (Nick Painton 80); Lions Club B 456 (Jamie Wallis 69), Sydenham Centre B 437 (Mick Chillingworth 64); Blake Hall B 488 (Richard Melinn 85),West India House B 416; Crown Inn B - bye.

Division D – The Market A 490 (Steve Carr 74), The Market B 447 (Dan Sweeting 65); New Market Hotel A 416 (Ronnie Roubillard 69), Cross Rifles B 416 (Nigel Gillard 69); Castle Club B 472 (John Jones 67), Castle Club A 485 (Neil Collard 78); Duke B 454 (Gavin Evans 68),White Hart A 457 (Mark Tottle 66); Cobblestones B 436 (Kelvin Thomas 73), New Market Hotel B 352 (Steve Davies 50); Bird in Hand B 415 (R Day, D Selway 59), Sportsman B 380 (Jason Butcher 55); Bunch of Grapes B - bye.