Emeralds 20, Bishops 47

EMERALDS started well with steady passing down the court, but couldn't quite settle to a rhythm leaving Bishops leading 11-8.

In the second quarter Emeralds defending combination put up a strong fight making timely interceptions, but Bishops lead extended finishing the quarter 26-13.

Emeralds were determined throughout the quarter with accurate passes down through the centre court, but the game ended 47-20 to Bishops.

Garnets 12, Newbarn 70

GARNETS struggled throughout the game but never gave up. Newbarn took an early lead and soon led 33 - 4.

With some changes to the attack Garnets kept fighting and had some good play but only managed to make the score up to 7 with Newbarn now at 52. Newbarn continued to dominate and ran out convincing winners.

Canons 44, Ambers 26

CANONS were quick off the mark but with excellent defending from Chelsie Coombes and Debbie Perry the score at the end of the first quarter was 9 – 3 to Canons.

In the second quarter Ambers started to work strongly - and pulled back goals through Michelle Parr and Katy Rowles from the edge of the D. Ambers continued to work hard and carried on playing strongly. However, Canons are a strong team, currently in the top three of the league table, and pulled away to win 44 – 26.

Gems 62 - Swans 42

GEMS first match of 2014 started closely but Gems took advantage of any possession they had and pulled ahead by six goals in the first quarter.

Amy Witcombe and Helen Martin linked well with the Defence to bring the ball down the court and both fed accurate passes into the circle.

The shooters, Hannah Clapp and Justine Pearn, combined well and shot accurately to enable Gems to continue to increase their lead.