Taunton beat Woodspring of Weston Super Mare 90-48 in the Somerset county league when the rink skipped by Brian Southward was involved in a remarkable match.

Taunton reached the 13th end before Woodspring scored, by which time they led 20-0.

But during this time measures for shot were required on no less than six occasions, with Taunton winning each time by millimetres. Scores: home rinks – Ken Lye, Alan Bishop, Graham Warburton and Brian Southward won 25-6; David Banks, Dennis Buckingham, Tim Hemburrow and Derek Burch won 24-10.

Away – Keith James, Alec Berry, Harry Scragg and Don Ormesher won 20-15; Leon Bass, Mike Groves, Alvin Affleck and Peter Shaw won 21-17.

A mixed, three rink home game against Minehead saw the visitors winning 58-56. Of note was the six shots scored on the last end on the rink skipped by D. Bridgeman to tie their match 19 all.

Scores: Ken Lye, N Scribbins, Alan Bishop and Doreen Buck lost 14-18; Vicky Bishop, Mike Mason Richard Tomlinson and Alan Collinson won 23-21; Vic Jarman, Barbara Lye, M Matravers and D Bridgeman drew 19-19.

The final game of the week was a mixed match against Axminster and, with all three rinks winning, the result was a comfortable 67-38 win for Taunton. Scores: Maria Sorrell, Morgan Matravers, Mike Matravers and Peter Darch won 19-10; Liz Darch, Dick Trott, David Sorrell and Alan Grandfield won 21-14; Joyce Grandfield, Richard Tomlinson, Jim Waldis and Sue Trott won 27-14.