Gems 39, Vivary 48

THE visitors took an early lead but centre court players Amy Witcombe, Helen Martin and Danni Keirle helped Gems to close the gap, and the first quarter ended 12-10 to Vivary.

Great marking from Sue Bushnell and Kerry Hobbs made it difficult for Vivary's attackers to feed the ball into their shooters and in the third quarter, Vivary fought back to lead 36-28.

Despite drive and determination from the Gems players, they were unable to pull back the score back. Players of the match were Kerry Hobbs and Helen Martin.

Rubies 37, Tone 36

RUBIES had a hard fought match against Taunton second team Tone and were 8-8 at quarter time. In the second quarter Mikki Hole and Laura Coombes got passes into the circle and Paige Pople made good runs and with Lynne Cornish as Rubies took a lead at half time 20-16.

Defensive trio Sandy Hocking, Deb Chapman and Kerry Clark worked overtime keeping Tone's shooters from scoring, and Rubies managed to extend the lead to 28-20.

Tone made changes and closed the gap on Rubies but they pipped them at the final whistle to win 37-36. Players of the match were Sandy Hocking and Paige Pople.

Emeralds 22, Quantock 52

GOOD attacking work from Steph Elkins and Michelle Martin, working the ball well into shooters Roxy McDowell and Adele Ranford.

However, Quantock's defenders were on good form forcing errors, and picking up rebounds. As Quantock moved into the lead, Emeralds tried to remain strong to keep with Quantock, but despite strong defense from Emily Hoare and Rachael Coles, supported well by Alex Williams, Quantock pulled away to a 52 - 22 win. Player of the match went to Rachael Coles.

Ambers 21, Priory 26

AMBERS narrowly lost to Priory despite Chelsie Coombes (GK) making some good interceptions and strong passes, along with Megan Buller gaining the majority of rebounds.

Katie Dennison (WD) moved the ball well onto Hannah Wallis (WA) who found great space. Shooters Jo Bromme (GA) and Tasmin Hembery worked well and both ends of the court were linked together by Leanne Wegg at centre.

Players of the match were Hannah Wallis and Jo Bromme, umpire's vote was given to Chelsie Coombes.

Garnets 14, Monmouth 52

WITH shooters in short supply, it was very difficult for Garnets to score against a strong Monmouth team who are currently second in the division.

Monmouth took an early lead and it wasn't until the second and third quarters that Garnets began to create chances and gel.

Amber Lovell (GA) and Lucie McDowell (GS) began to be more consistent and Molly Gould (GD) made timely interceptions.

Captain Vicky Evans had an excellent game but could not prevent Garnets losing 14-52. Player of the match was shared between Molly Gould and Vicky Evans.

Ambers 35, Garnets 29

AMBERS won this closely fought interclub game which saw outstanding shooting from both sets of shooters - Tasmin Hembery and Megan Walford for Ambers, and Carly Langdon and Tanisha Birch for Garnets.

Good team work throughout the court by both teams, and really strong defending from Garnets defenders' Millie Burridge and Lucie McDowell, but Ambers were on form, and took a slight lead which they didn't relinquish to win the game 35 - 29.

Players of the match were Tasmin Hembery for Ambers and Millie Burridge for Garnets.