TWO Taunton soldiers are featured in a display at the Imperial War Museum in London to mark the tenth anniversary of British troops entering Afghanistan.

The interactive display allows visitors to delve into the world of service personnel, through photography, personal items, objects and personal accounts.

Two of the 15 soldiers covered in the display are Corporal Nathaniel Beesley and Captain Doug Spencer, both of 40 Commando, Royal Marines.

They were based in the Sangin, an area that saw many fierce battles between British troops and Taliban insurgents.

During the tour, 14 Marines from 40 Commando were killed, and now one of Captain Spencer's 'Hearts and Minds' flyers will go on display as part of the War Story display.

He said: “If we could even get someone to talk to us let alone give them a flyer, it would have been a miracle.

“We had a hard tour in a rough area and it was more war fighting than 'hearts and minds'.

“We were aiming to get to the hearts and minds stage but we never really got there, but now they really are - there's a lot more of this stuff going on than the fighting.”

Corporal Beesley's personal mine detection kit will go on display at the museum.

He added: “This mine detection kit contains white and red markers for marking safe or dangerous areas, and a mine prod and tripwire feeler.

“We might only patrol a couple of km, but with the added threat of the IEDs and the drills you have got to counter them, it would still take you 3 or 4 hours.”