AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy who rescued four kittens visited Secret World Wildlife Rescue which looked after the felines to check up on their progress.

Jamie Ursell, of Bawdrip, found the kittens crying and starving in long grass in Greinton but they are heading back to full recovery thanks to the work of staff at the animal sanctuary in East Huntspill.

The centre took the fragile felines in and it is hoped that over the next three to four weeks they can be placed in suitable homes which have been found.

The kittens were named Lily Weatherwax, Cheery Littlebottom, Adora Belle Dearheart and Lord Haverlock Vetinari after Sir Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' book series.

Jamie's mum, Kim Ursell, said: “We are really proud of Jamie in helping the kittens this way and we are already thinking of ways we can help Secret World by organising our own fundraising event.”

Secret World is now appealing for visitors to donate much needed cat and dog food, kitchen roll and washing powder to help with the 25 foxes, 35 badger cubs and 40 hedgehogs they are caring for at the moment.

After an uncertain start in life the kittens will be putting their best paws forward to a happy and healthy future and anyone wishing to support the charity can call 01278-783250.