IS it a bird, a plane, or a solar balloon?

Strange sightings have been made in Sedgemoor - and for once there really could be something in the air.

Whatever your take on UFOs, they've certainly been capturing a lot of attention.

A strange-rod like object was apparently spotted in the skies above Brean - and attracted global media attention when footage was shown on video sharing website YouTube.

UFO enthusiast Steve Grantham from Reading was holidaying in the resort at the time, he said: “I had just returned to the caravan and managed to record some of it on my camera but I was shaking with excitement.

“It was there in the sky for about ten minutes and then just disappeared without trace. I believe this is the clearest evidence yet that UFOs exist.”

Then Weekly News reader Darren Woodland showed us images of a bizarre silver barrel shaped object appearing to hover above the ‘Burnham and Weston’ area on Christmas Day last year.

The 31-year-old delivery driver insisted the snaps, taken on his mobile phone, are authentic but after the story went on our website, at, some readers weren't so sure.

BlackKnight_UK said “Photoshop!” while Em Jones simply wrote, “U.F.No”, and Somerset sceptic added “That is the worst faked UFO picture I have ever seen!”

Darren, however, remains convinced. He said: “They are completely genuine and have not been tampered with.”

Lead investigator from the Swindon UFO Research team Chris Williams believes he can end speculation about the objects seen in Brean.

Referring to Steve Grantham’s footage: “There is no mystery - this is a solar balloon sometimes known as a solar airship”, he said.

And of Darren Woodland’s pictures he added: “The photo could be a fake. The lighting conditions are wrong.”

WHAT do you think? Are there UFOs or is it all a load of nonsense? Have your say on this story on-line, and if you spot a mysterious “UFO”, e-mail pictures to or text them to 80360, starting your message with the key words WEEKLY NEWS.