COMBATTING homelessness is the focus of Private Property, a brand new production by Re:ACT Theatre.

The production follows the journey of a Clifton born soldier - her rise to the elite and her fall from grace.

Verity Baker, who plays Matilda Hunter, said: “As Matilda Hunter, I feel a responsibility to deliver a raw performance so I do justice for those suffering on the streets whose emotions are real, not just acted out and for this piece to be a voice for them.

"The message of the show could not be more clear and that’s for society to change, not when best suited to them, but now when those that are homeless need it.

"People should see it because it’s not just an issue to walk past anymore with a sympathetic smile; homelessness is an issue to be acted upon.”

This is The West Country:

This production supports it’s chosen homeless charity with collection points at the performance.

Ben Bloxham, who plays Ashley, said: “I play the character Ashley. It’s a very intimate part emotional wise, his character proves that people are often scared to handle PTSD and also shows it isn’t only the country’s fault for homelessness but the people around them and how they look after one another.

"It’s been a very productive process doing this show and the cast have been able to understand the more underlying problems within the UK currently.”

The performance in on April 6 at The Princess Theatre and Arts Centre in Burnham-on-Sea. It starts at 7:30pm. For more information call 01278 784464 or visit