A WRITER from Burnham-on-Sea is hoping his latest paperback will set him on the road to a professional career as an author.

Dylan Seymour, 47, has overcome learning difficulties and dyslexia to follow his dream of writing stories.

His first effort was a fresh take on The Wizard of Oz called Oz, his latest novel is once again inspired by a classic story, this time the Greek myth of Medusa.

“My new book is called Medusa’s Island, and sees the relationship between Medusa and a fisherman who washes up on her island. Although she is a monster she is not evil and the pair strike up an unlikely companionship,” Mr Seymour said.

Dylan also draws and is working on a book of his fantasy art.

“I have always loved storytelling and wanted to try my hand at creative writing in different genres such as science-fiction and horror.”