POLICE have warned boy racers in Bridgwater that if they don't stop their anti-social behaviour, their cars will be seized or even crushed.

As reported in last week's Mercury, residents living near The Clink and on Bristol Road said they were being of being kept awake at night by the sound of revving engines and hefty exhausts.

The same week, police issued two Section 59 warning notices to drivers near the town's McDonalds at The Clink.

The notice means if the people are seen driving in an inconsiderate way causing distress or annoyance to the public, and/or on any land not part of a road, the vehicle can be seized or even crushed. It last for 12 months.

Sgt Gary Young, from Bridgwater Police, told the Mercury: “We've had reports of anti-social behaviour near McDonalds.The restaurant management says they have asked the youths to leave the area, but they refused.

“The local beat team is engaging with staff and management at McDonalds, monitoring CCTV to pick up number plates and monitoring anti-social behaviour.

“Meanwhile, we are having meetings over the next few weeks about how it can be taken forward. We are looking at working with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to check the cars are roadworthy, abiding by the law etc.

“We may also be using mobile speed cameras too.”