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SOMERSET FLOODS: Thieves target flood victims on the Levels

Last updated:

    Heating oil stolen from Moorland
  • Fire service quad bikes snatched in Burrowbridge
  • Thefts add to flood victims' misery
  • More rain expected later after a drier start to the day


LookingForLiars 1:36pm Mon 3 Feb 14
If the Police had caught them and it was a first offence, the Police would let them go. Fact
Score: 1
Anonone 10:19am Mon 3 Feb 14
Nothing surprises me these days. How low can these vermin sink - perhaps beneath the floods. We are just so soft on these petty criminals. If found perhaps the theft of Fire Service Quads could be charge of endangering life
Score: 27
FreeSpeech? 4:36pm Mon 3 Feb 14
Looters should be shot!
Score: 15
Anonone 4:13pm Mon 3 Feb 14
and what if the farming community caught them........
Score: 15
InsiderintheEA 4:13pm Mon 3 Feb 14
Inside the Environment Agency have been exposing the failings of the Environment Agency for going on a year now: http://www.insidethe environmentagency.co .uk/
Score: 6
nat_11 4:45pm Mon 3 Feb 14
FreeSpeech? wrote: Looters should be shot!
totally agree - bring in the stand your ground law , and shoot the turds when they perpetrate!
Score: 13
Useacarpark.com 9:07pm Mon 3 Feb 14
And what will happen when the government spend £5million on flood defences for the levels.......134 police officers are due to be cut from the current budget, so it will only get worse. I can understand why holland invest in protecting the 27% of land that lies below sea level, as 60% of the population live there. The levels are a complete opposite! They say purchasing a house is the biggest investment in a persons life, so to purchase one on an area that is renowned for flooding is just silly in my eyes. I think it's time that the council looked at compulsory purchasing some of these properties and using some of the land as a dedicated flood plain
Score: 2
Old Phucker 12:17am Fri 7 Feb 14
Many readers would undoubtedly like to read the next episode of "Mr. Blobby"s Adventures in Western Toyland". A sneak preview of the work, a few years back, suggested that when the ringleaders were arrested, the rest of them would do a runner. What we want to know is, the ringleaders of what, exactly?. Mr. Blobby knows. So do the Squealers - and it is said in Toyland circles they have been squealing for a while.
Score: -4

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