A BOAT service which is ferrying people stranded in the marooned Muchelney to work and school is to continue longer than expected.

Somerset County Council will continue to provide the vital service - which was due to end on Friday (January 24) - for as long as necessary.

The village has been cut off since the start of January following devastating floods. High water levels have turned roads into rivers, meaning the only way in or out is by boat.

Deputy leader of Somerset County Council David Hall said: “We will continue to fund and provide this boat service until the water levels recede sufficiently and we will continue to support them in these difficult times."

The boat has also been used to ship-in vital supplies such as groceries and fuel to heat homes.

Cllr Hall added: “We are lobbying Government for extra funding to protect our communities against future flooding on this scale and I’d like to encourage people to support our Facebook campaign, ‘Fairer Funding for Somerset’.”