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Excitement at Taunton Carnival

Last updated:

    Thousands of people turn out for the event.
  • Procession makes its way through the town.
  • Perfect conditions-rain holds off.


Bizzie Lizzie 9:18pm Sat 19 Oct 13
Yet another Fab U Lus Taunton Carnival, my 2 young children loved it and us 2 adults couldn't stop bopping and clapping to the great music and entertainment, well done to everyone who made the carnival a great success tonight!!!!!
Score: 1
Bizzie Lizzie 10:57pm Sat 19 Oct 13
Its realy expensive to insure the very big floats theses days, hence more 'Walkers' but who cares its for charity and everyone should just dig deep and join in, if everyone thought like the above persons friend no one would go and we wouldn't have an evening carnival, plus I have been to a 'carnival' in Worcestershire with 1 float and no walkers in the day and it was truely awful, so be very grateful that we have great people who organise and particatpate in Taunton Carnival!
Score: 1
tillboy 10:05pm Sat 19 Oct 13
two of my friends went down to watch the carnival tonight one of them said it was rubbish cause there was only five floats just like bridgwater hes says. ive been to carnivals that are big ones at that. and they dont run on a evening through the day.
Score: 0
Ann Laurette(nee Padget) 8:08am Sun 20 Oct 13
Just too disappointing ...too few floats too many majorettes...come on Taunton groups...make an effort to get involved.....and so slow ....really not worth going out for.
Score: -1
Dr Dave 7:26pm Sun 20 Oct 13
It must be difficult for the clubs to make ends meets what with Health & Safety, fuel costs, building costs etc etc so I am grateful for those who devote such time to build the floats, keep up the good work, we enjoyed the Carnival! Perhaps the people moaning about it would care to get off their backsides and get involved themselves, perhaps??
Score: 1
Slow down! 10:31am Mon 21 Oct 13
It's a shame more Bridgewater floats don't get involved with other Carnivals around Somerset, I went to Wellington Carnival last year and that was bigger than Taunton.
Score: 0
tillboy 10:53pm Mon 21 Oct 13
im not moaning about the carnival it was my friend who said it was rubbish. and as i stated ive been to bigger carnivals manchester is one of them and amsterdame is the biggist. and i asked could i get involved but they said they had enough people. and it costs to be in the carnival.
Score: 0
swjoduk 1:13pm Wed 23 Oct 13
Slow down! wrote: It's a shame more Bridgewater floats don't get involved with other Carnivals around Somerset, I went to Wellington Carnival last year and that was bigger than Taunton.
Trouble is its different circuits. Bridgwater would have to be 1st as is their way so Taunton would need to find a place in the evening between Burnham, WSM and North Petherton or perhaps after Pethy. I doubt it will ever happen though. Bridgwater would probably fear being upstaged by the County Town.
Score: 0
scrumpyman 3:16pm Wed 23 Oct 13
I think that the Gazette should run a survey to see if the majority want to change the date of the Taunton carnival to November so that the Bridgwater floats can join in. It would be so much better with more entries from the Bridgwater area. It's currently a shame that a small village such as North Petherton gets 3 times more entries than Taunton when Taunton has much better access and parking.
Score: 0
Mi_Coc 6:39pm Wed 23 Oct 13
The two a two actual floats were excellent.
Score: 0

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