DRIVERS who speed through parts of Wiveliscombe are being targeted by police.

Officers are looking for volunteers to join the community speed watch team to remind motorists of the perils of driving too fast.

Members are designated to hotspots in the town and surrounding areas to monitor the speeds of passing vehicles with radar guns.

It comes as police attempt to reduce the number of speed-related deaths on the road.

PCSO Louise Fyne said: “We are looking at the whole speed watch for Wiveliscombe and West Somerset to see generally if improvements can be made and how we can support the volunteers.

“The evidence isn’t used to prosecute drivers – the scheme is there to act as a deterrent and to remind drivers when they drive through these certain areas what speed they should be doing.

“However, if a road police officer is present at the time they have the power to pull somebody over for speeding, being on their mobile phone or any other offence.”

Checks currently take place at five locations in the area, although volunteers are hoping to add a sixth near Langley Corner.

Current sites are in Croft Way, Ford Road, Church Street and North Street in Wiveliscombe, with another in Langley Marsh.

These have to be assessed for risk and suitability by police before being officially designated speed watch locations.

PCSO Fyne added: “We have had various complaints from Langley Marsh in the past about speeding vehicles, but you’re never going to stop it completely.

“We’re always looking for volunteers to help out, especially in Wivel-iscombe.”

Volunteers are given free training and speed watch sessions usually take an hour.

To find out more or to volunteer, contact PCSO Fyne on 07920-450449 or email