FORMER Wellington School student Tom Carson isn’t just making an impact on the world hockey stage.

The England star is also setting trends at universities across the country with his bespoke clothing range.

And his company, Young Ones, has been put on the map thanks to a £75,000 investment from businessman Duncan Bannatyne while appearing on hit TV show Dragons’ Den this week.

Tom, 23, said: “It’s been manic the past few days. I had a graduate job until Friday but I had to give it up.

“I’m so glad I don’t have that at the moment because it would be too much. It’s pretty tough juggling this and hockey but it had been manageable up until now. I’m hoping it will smooth out.”

Set up with good friend Chris Rea while at Exeter University, the budding entrepreneurs have created a growing brand among Britain’s youth.

The Young Ones specialises in customised onesies – an all-in-one jumpsuit – but also makes jumpers, hats, sunglasses and other clothing.

Tom, who is already celebrating a good year following his first international hockey caps and goals with England, said some weird and wonderful orders have already been placed since starting up.

“Somebody wanted a Formula One-style costume onesie and we’re currently in the process of designing a tuxedo version,” said Tom.

“Skittles have also asked us to do something. We can do pretty much anything with a onesie.”

Before taking to TV screens, the pair designed custom onesies for each Dragon and their vision caught the eye of Bannatyne during their sales pitch, with the mogul describing it as “investment of the year.”

And Tom hopes the Dragon’s cash in return for 40% of the business will help the range become the number one university outfitter in the UK.

The former Taunton Vale Hockey player, whose parents both work at Wellington School, said: “I think there’s a gap in the market for this sort of thing.

“We’re currently travelling around universities with stands and we feel this can be something for students to wear out or in the house.”

To find out more about Tom's clothing line, visit the Young Ones website.