A LEISURE company is rethinking its prices after a dad from Taunton complained about the ‘extortionate’ cost of swimming.

Kevin Sherman, his wife Gail, and two children Jayden, seven, and Ryan, five, stopped going to Taunton Pool last January because of the cost.

The boys have weekly lessons at St James Street Pool in Taunton and Kevin was considering swimming as a family to help develop their skills and have some fun.

But when he worked out it would cost around £13 for the four of them to go once a week – and therefore more than £1,000 a year – on top of the cost of the arranged lessons he changed his mind.

Mr Sherman said: “The prices are extortionate. Both pools are run by the same company – Tone – yet there are no discounts for a family swimming together.

“It wasn’t that long ago that uner-16s could swim for free – we took full advantage of that and the kids loved it. But now it’s just costing too much to have some family fun in the pool and it has really hit us.

“We’re not entitled to concessions because we both work and bring in an average income.

“The government wants us to keep fit and stop obesity and it’s good to have some family fun together while improving the boys’ swimming, which is such a vital skill.”

Tone has not offered family pricing options for six years but this week bosses said they will reconsider them after what the company says is the first complaint over the issue.

Commercial director Joel Chapman said: “Tone do offer a range of discounted packages to customers, and with over 4,000 customers taking up these value options, they are well received by many.

“On this occasion, Mr Sherman feels he is unable to afford any of these options and we will be looking at other solutions over the next few months.

“We are currently reviewing our family swim and membership packages with a view to looking at some new options in the future.

“We have discussed these potential changes with Mr Sherman and he seems satisfied that Tone is making every effort to address his concerns.”

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