A BRIDGWATER mum got the fright of her life when a bus shelter window shattered next to her, showering her with plastic.

Pauline James had finished her shift at Poundland and was walking past the shelter near the Somerset Bridge Medical Centre in Taunton Road, towards her home in Stockmoor Village, when the incident happened on Tuesday night.

Pauline, 47, said: “I walked past the window and all of a sudden it went bang and flew out.

“The glass went in my ear, on my face, all over me.

“I thought ‘has somebody shot me?’ “I have never been so scared in all my life.

“I was very lucky I wasn’t injured.

“I was wearing a big thick coat and a scarf, which protected me.

“I was very shaken up and when I got home I poured myself a large vodka.”

Pauline said it remains a mystery what caused the window to shatter, but said it was possible somebody fired an object at it.

She added: “There weren’t many people about. There were a couple of cars travelling on the opposite side of the road but nobody on my side of the road.

“It still shakes me up. I would like to know what happened.”

Sedgemoor District Council’s Clean Surroundings team said it would be sending somebody out to clear up the damage today.

The council will also contact Adshel, the company responsible for maintaining the shelter.