FORMER student team president Mitch Wingham became the first person in Wadham School’s history to receive the Headteacher’s Award twice.

Head David Derbyshire said Mitch had continued to excel and develop as a young man throughout his time at Wadham and had first received the award at the end of year ten.

“He received it back then because he made a clear decision to realise his potential, to work hard, to get involved,|and to be the student|he knew he could be and the student that staff were encouraging him to be.”

Mr Derbyshire added: “He continued to realise his potential, setting himself ambitious academic and personal targets. “He threw himself|into all aspects of life in the sixth-form, was a natural candidate for membership of the head student team and the unanimous choice of the selection committee for president.

“In this role he excelled as a leader of the team, as a role model for all students in the school and as an ambassador beyond the school.”