A DOG drowned after becoming trapped in the rock defences at West Street Beach in Watchet.

The HM Coastguard search and rescue team responded to a call from the nine-year-old terrier’s owners shortly after 1pm yesterday (January 6).

Coastguards were soon on scene where the River Washford empties into the sea, but with the amount of water flowing out of the river and with the dog having been missing for some time by that point, it was advised that no one enter the water.

Later in the afternoon at low water the dog was found deceased in the trails of the river further down the beach, having been released from the rock defences by the falling tide.

The beach was become increasingly dangerous in the past year, as excess flow from the river, caused by torrential rains, has created hazardous whirlpools and currents in the waters.

Warning signs were erected by West Somerset Council on the approach to the beach, but a spokesman for the Coastguard said one had already been washed away on the outside wall of the harbour.

Last year another pet dog drowned in similar circumstances when it became trapped under the rocks by the fast and deadly currents caused by the exiting river.

See this week’s West Somerset Gazette for more details.