A CHURCH group near Highbridge decided to create an unusual festive decoration this year – by knitting a 7ft Christmas tree.

The plushy marvel, made up of around 1,200 knitted squares and over 100 stitched decorations, was crafted over nine months by dedicated members of West Huntspill Methodist Church.

Church steward Christine Thomas told the Weekly News: “We saw one that was done in Dorset last Christmas and thought we’d try it. We started near the end of February.

“Everything on the tree has been made by hand, from the knitted squares that make up the branches to the crochet tinsel.

“Everyone took great delight in finding unusual things to knit into decorations. People who come and see it think it’s just fantastic.”

A variety of decorations were also lovingly stitched by family and friends from as far afield as Australia to the Isle of Wight and the midlands.

The squares will be used to create warm blankets to be donated to charity and the church has been collecting donations for the Highbridge and Burnham Youth Project and Highbridge Area Food Bank.

But the group didn’t stop at the one kitted tree. They created a second 4ft version, which has been displayed at Bridg-water Methodist Church in a Christmas tree festival.