A HORRIFIED Christmas shopper has issued a warning after she found two discarded syringes in a public toilet in Taunton town centre.

Jacqui Chastell said it was lucky the “disgusting”

needles she discovered in the Canon Street car park toilets had not been found by a toddler or young child.

Mrs Chastell, landlady at the Crown Inn in Fivehead, said: “It was disgusting – one had been used and the other was unused.

“There was also a box on the floor, but I didn’t touch anything.

“It was 1.30pm and it’s quite likely that young children could have been in there.

“I was horrified and my husband, Steve, rang the security number on the board outside.”

She said she was surprised to be told the company was only responsible for locking and unlocking the toilet block.

“He did say he’d get someone to check the toilets as soon as possible, but surely they should be checked more often,” she said.

Police Insp Stuart Bell said: “Anyone who comes across drugs or syringes should inform the police and the council.

“Drugs are present in Taunton, just like any other town, but the town has a low number of problematic drug users.”

Taunton Deane Council environmental chief Cllr Ken Hayward said: “I’d like to thank the member of the public who took the right action and immediately reported the syringes so they could be safely disposed of.

“This is a problem we take very seriously and I’ll be consulting with the relevant officers to see what appropriate action may be taken.

“In the meantime, if a member of the public finds a syringe in any public place please report it immediately, but never touch it or try to dispose of it yourself.”