CHRISTMAS message from Rev Stephen Gray, of Crewkerne Community Church, can be found here.

CHRISTMAS can be such a busy time. There’s so much to remember – the cards, presents, tree, decorations, turkey and all the trimmings. As if that isn’t enough there’s the drink, the parties, the relatives, the packed shops, mince pies, Christmas cake and the carol services for the kids or grandkids.

It seems everything happens at once! Every year I say to myself “I must get more organised for next Christmas.” It then struck me that the first Christmas was much the same. There was Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, a manger, animals, a journey to Bethlehem, a busy inn, wise men and, of course, the baby Jesus. The business of Christmas can often lead us to overlook its simplicity . . . and its awe.

Joseph and Mary were told to call the baby Jesus – he was to be the light and saviour of the world, the hope of all mankind and a display of God’s love.

That’s exactly what he became – a ‘striking light’, he stood out in the darkness and drew people to him.

This Christmas, remember to call out from the darkness.

This baby, Jesus, still provides a place, an eternity, for us. This light of the world stands above all circumstances and calls us to him.

He is and always remains the Saviour of the World.

May you have a lovely Christ-filled Christmas and an awesome New Year.