THESE two beloved family dogs are safely back home after a harrowing four-hour rescue ordeal.

Beagles Tucker and Ellie were being taken for an evening walk along Brean beach when they ran off in pursuit of a goat.

Their terrified owners feared the worst when Tucker got stuck on the cliffs at Brean Down.

Burnham Coastguard station officer Steve Bird told the Weekly News how the drama unfolded.

He said: “One of the dogs had managed to get quite high up and couldn’t get down.

“We are fully trained to rescue dogs now and carry bags specially made for dogs to go in.

“We sent our cliff team out, which needs about nine people to set up the equipment.

“Two cliff rescue officers then descended from the top, and surrounded the dog (Tucker) and managed to capture him.

“The other dog (Ellie) was found curled up on rocks at the bottom.”

Ellie had suffered a foot injury and was taken to a vet, but both she and Tucker are now safely at home with their relieved owners in Burnham.

Steve said: “People get very emotionally attached to their dogs and we understand that.

“The owners of these dogs were frantic and wanted to go up on the Down and there was a danger they would put themselves at risk.

“They were elated when their dogs were rescued.

“They have been on the phone since and said a big thank you to us.”

Steve told the Weekly News the winter season is usually a quieter time for rescue teams but this was an exception.

He added: “It was freezing cold and it was a long night. My pager went off at 5.30pm and we got back at 10pm.”