THE Post Office has bowed to overwhelming public pressure and decided NOT to put its main Bridgwater office in Sainsbury’s.

The Post Office plans to resume talks with other retailers about an alternative location.

People throughout the area have been waiting expectantly on a decision since a consultation on the Post Office’s plans ended two months ago.

In a letter sent to politicians in the town, Post Office regional network manager Tony Jones said: "We received a number of responses and a petition during local public consultation. 

"Many of those responding said that they would prefer to retain the Post Office branch in the town centre and several alternative premises within the town centre were brought to our attention. 

"Post Office representatives also attended a number of meetings with Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Town Council to discuss our plans in more detail.

"We have considered all responses received during local public consultation and taking these and all other relevant factors into account, we have decided not to proceed with the proposed move of Bridgwater Post Office to Sainsbury’s.

"The branch will therefore continue to operate from its existing location for the time being. 

"However we will need to identify a longer term solution for the provision of Post Office services in Bridgwater and we are working with Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Town Council to try to do so.

"If no suitable town centre location can be identified, we may have to look at other locations in order to maintain service in the longer term.

"In line with our Code of Practice, any new location proposed would be subject to a further 6-week period of local public consultation."

Bridgwater Mayor Graham Granter said: “If they are looking at an alternative site then that’s very positive.

“I’m glad they have listened to the people and reconsidered their position. So many people said that they would like the post office central rather than in Sainsbury’s.”

The town’s MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger, added: “This is a victory for people power.

“This has happened because of the sheer volume of people writing and emailing the Post Office.

“It’s a victory for the town council, the district council and all the people who have opposed this.

“It’s now an opportunity for the Post Office to go back and work with the town to find a better location.”

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