SIX teams of daring students from Queen Elizabeth’s College took on the arduous Ten Tors Challenge earlier this month.

The teams hiked 35, 45 or 55 miles, visiting ten nominated Tors over two days – and had to be self-sufficient, carrying all that they needed to complete their route safely despite the terrain and the weather.

Harry Newman, the QE Outdoor Education instructor said: “I am very proud of all these students - they have endured some awful weather conditions throughout the training and the Ten Tors Event.

“I hope they will look back on this in the future and forget about the weather, the blisters and the sore legs and realise just what they have achieved not just as a team but individually.

“Well done to you all you should be very proud of your achievements.”

Team A, who took on the 35-mile hike finished seventh overall, a record for QE – team members were Dylan Dudley, Ed McCarthy, Matt Goodman, James Hudson, Peter Boyle and David Gray.

Andrew Bolt, Michael Richardson, Ruth Sansom, Brooklynne Tayler, Sophie Brockway and Owen Twigg made up the 35 mile Team B – while in Team C, Tom Cornwall, Charlie Slade, Taran Clark, Miryam Ley, Rebecca O’Sullivan and Grace Newport-Tucker took on the Tors.

In the 45 mile hike, Team A was made up of Sam Hatchell, Dan Ley, Billy Churchill, Emma Richards, Mattie Constantine and Sophie Bailey.

Team B contained Elen Jones and Rebecca Ringborg - while in the 55-mile team, Rory Tucker, Howie Squires, Scott Chudley, Samora Shakespeare, Tommy Stevens, and Ollie Peregrine-Coomer led the way.

The 400 Ten Tors teams stood together to listen to a rousing speech from the Commander of the Land Forces and the reading of the Ten Tors prayer.

The guns of the 29 commando regiment royal artillery sounded to signal the start of the challenge, whilst the Sea Kings gave the teams a very low level flying salute.

The Dartmoor weather was as unpredictable as ever and the QE students were battered by gale force winds and heavy showers on their journey across the Moors.