MID Devon District Council is looking for a volunteer nappy advisor to talk to new mums about the benefit of using real nappies rather than disposables.

Modern real nappies are shaped and fit like disposables and many are made from natural fibres which are more comfortable next to a baby's skin. As well as the benefits for baby, they are also easy to use, do not require safety pins and can save hundreds of pounds.

The council needs someone who can offer parents information and advice on using washable 'real' nappies to reduce the huge amount of waste generated by disposable nappies, over 28 million of which end up in the county's landfill sites every year.

Volunteers will be asked to spare a couple of hours a week managing trial kits, visiting children's centres and ante-natal groups and training health care professionals to spread the word.

The trial kits are available for loan to anyone who would like to try out real nappies for a month before committing to buying them. 

To find out more call Lorraine Durrant on 01884 244625 or email ldurrant@middevon.gov.uk.