IT’S a new year, so why not turn over a new leaf and help Mid Devon get greener.

We’re proud to be teaming up with Mid Devon District Council to encourage you to recycle even more waste with our Be a Recycling Star campaign.

The district’s overall recycling rate, including organic waste for composting, is just under 50%, but now we’re calling for your help to break the 50% barrier by the end of March this year and hit 55% by March 2014.

Here’s how: Be a Recycling Star is focusing on increasing the amount of waste going into your black kerbside recycling box.

Here’s what you should put in the black box: paper (including Christmas cards), glass, cans, plastic milk bottles, tetrapaks, household batteries, clean clothes and shoes, plastic carrier bags, and tin foil.

Star editor Alex Cameron said: “We know there’s a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for green issues and recycling in Mid Devon, so we’re confident readers will take up the challenge and do their bit to Be a Recycling Star.

"We’d love to hear from readers with their recycling ideas and if there’s anyone who you think goes the extra mile when it comes to recycling, please get in touch and tell us about them.

“Christmas is a time when lots of extra waste is generated – take a look at page 3 of Mid Devon Talk inside this week's paper for some top ideas on how to fight the festive rubbish mountain.”

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Send your recycling tips, photos and information on any Recycling Stars you know to