Olympic planners have been accused of a cock up after the torch relay snubbed the most populated part of Cornwall in order to “do media”.

Rather than visit Redruth, Pool and Camborne the torch will wind its way through Helston to Falmouth, missing out the towns, along with Hayle and St Ives, completely.

The move has been broadly slammed as a disgrace, with many claiming the route has been hi-jacked so pretty media coverage can be created as it passes tourist landmarks.

Residents, parish and town council s in the ignored towns have called for a change of route, with some questioning how much influence Cornwall Council and tourism bosses had in choosing the route?

Some have also noted the irony that the route by-passes the largest part of Olympic boss, Lord Coe's Old Camborne - Falmouth parliamentary constituency.

Camborne town councillor Alan Sanders said: "Could it be that Seb Coe, former MP, has sour grapes about Camborne - he did lose his seat here."

Redruth Mayor Ian Thomas said: "Once again, those who are influential and reside in high places, have created a bypass around Redruth while, at the same time, professing that they are helping us to regenerate it."

Camborne town councillor Anna Pascoe said: "For Camborne and Redruth to be ignored for the Olympic Torch route is an insult to the hard work and vision of our community members."

Councillor Jude Robinson said: “The Olympic flame relay will avoid the Camborne, Pool and Redruth conurbation - the biggest centre of population in Cornwall - in order to potter through wealthier, prettier places and do media.

“So the bid that we won in 2007 because of its focus on diversity and inclusion, will exclude the towns in Cornwall that struggle most with unemployment, low skills and poverty.”

“What we don't have so much of is nice yachts and scenery for pretty photo ops. What a wasted opportunity to inspire and support young and old in the heart of Cornwall.

"The Olympic Committee seem to want tourist images only and have criss-crossed Cornwall to get them, snubbing the many people in this area who work their socks off to promote sport and change.”

The planners said whether the torch passed through various towns was primarily based upon population, however sporting, historical, scenic and cultural attributes, as well as logistics, were considered.

The route was chosen after discussions with local authorities as well as representatives from “tourism, heritage, sustainability, culture, education and sport” alongside other “stakeholders”.

MP for Camborne and Redruth, George Eustice has asked, what on earth the organisers were thinking, calling the snub a “stealth visit” and a “cock up”.

Mr Eustice said: “It was predictable enough that next year's Olympic Torch Relay would start at Land's End but few could have imagined that the route would bypass the largest conurbation in Cornwall.

“The games organisers claim that they aim to bring the torch to all the main population centres. If that is the case, then the chosen route through Cornwall represents something of a cock-up.

“The Camborne-Redruth conurbation is the heart of Cornwall with a population of 60,000 compared to a mere 20,000 for the "City" of Truro, and just 10,000 for Helston both of which are included on the route.”